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The Woman in Black - 33 Years of Horror!

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

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Saturday, 29 April 2023

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2 Hours (with a 15 min interval)

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The Woman in Black

Delicate types beware. If you've ever been so terrified by a ghost story or scary movie that you've slept with the lights on for days afterwards, you'll either love this show or hate it. If you get a secret thrill from being scared out of your wits, don't miss it. If being spooked really isn't your thing and you'd rather stay safe from frightening stuff, best give it a miss!

More than seven million people have seen this supremely creepy production, which The Telegraph called, 'The most brilliantly effective spine-chiller you will ever encounter'. High praise indeed, and they're joined by a host more rave reviews. Better still the tiny, weeny Fortune theatre is a brilliant venue for a show like this, small enough to deliver bucketloads of all-important atmosphere.

Now celebrating 30 terrifying years in the West End, of which the talented playwright Robin Herford must be very proud, this is a remarkably convincing essay in top class, spook-filled, un-nerving atmosphere, with plenty of hair-raising illusions and very clever on-stage horror. The Guardian newspaper calls it 'One of British theatre's biggest – and scariest – hits'. See what you think...

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Young Couples:

Good play, average theatre
I liked the play, it had the unexpected bit of comedy mixed in healthy doses. The story is alright. Not scary, but gripping enough. The actors were both great.
Giancarlo, 06 Sep 2022
A real change
My niece wanted to see a play as opposed to the usual musical we see. I gave her 2 choices this or the Mousetrap she chose the Woman in Black. After reading about it she was a little concerned that it was billed as a horror…..but it was dark, empathetic and truly WONDERFUL. A fabulous show!
Laurel, 12 Jun 2022
Fantastic Experience
Wonderful acting, great theatre, highly recommended!!
Robert, 14 May 2022
Fantastic acting
Show was brilliant but we had a couple who wouldn’t stop talking during the first half in front of us. They didn’t come back after the interval 🎉but then a couple from further along the row moved in front of us and were also moving about and talking - what is it with couples?? There should have been an usher in the theatre to speak to them.
Angela, 21 Apr 2022
Almost there
Should of been a lot more scary was a bit disappointed that the actors didn't scare the audience more 😔
James, 19 Feb 2022
Christmas gift
Spine chilling, quite scary but insanely amazing! Top 3 faves. After that performance I won’t be able to get enough. Amazing acting!!!!! And I will never forget it.
P, 12 Feb 2022
Interesting & amazing how a play with only 2 actors can keep you captivated.
Julie, 01 Feb 2022
Greatly enjoyed
Excellent spellbinding show.
Eva, 27 Jan 2022
Creative and exciting
A very clever telling of the now well-known story, intriguing set design and excellent tension.
Anna, 08 Jan 2022
Really entertaining show with jumpy twists!
Chloe, 30 Dec 2021
Could do better
It had potential but was very boring and not engaging with the audience it was very pretentious! And me and my partner was very much disappointed as we spent our money giggling away at our own entertainment.
Rezwana, 22 Dec 2021
Loved it!
Absolutely loved the show! It was amazing
Daisy, 15 Dec 2021
Absolutely wonderful show
Absolutely fantastic show. Atmosphere build up throughout was perfectly built and acting was on point all the way through. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves theatre
Colm, 11 Dec 2021
A must see show
Brilliant show, a 2 hander tests the ability of the actors but they excelled Hardly any set, no music and very few costumes would normally concern me but that simplicity combined with brilliant acting made for a wonderful evening
Steve, 01 Dec 2021
Second time seeing this show in a different location and both times it was absolutely fantastic! Really would recommend
Petra, 24 Nov 2021
Good show
Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Some comic moments interspersed nicely with a generally suspenseful plot. Great staging and lighting added to the mood.
Toby, 14 Nov 2021
Fabulous show
I was so glad that the play followed the original story. The actors did an incredible job bringing the show to life. I enjoyed all the jump scares and the actress portraying the woman in black was truly terrifying. I think I was most impressed with the use of the stage space—the way it was set up was eerie (with the curtain shrouding the staircase and the nursery), and the actors used the space masterfully. Really well done!
Rachel, 12 Nov 2021
Everything about this show is fantastic. Not suitable for families with young children but for those with teenagers it's fantastic.
Sue, 17 Feb 2014
A master class in acting. I was captivated from the very start. The story is so imaginative and creates an eerie atmosphere unfolding a creepy tale of ghostly happenings.
Barry, 10 Jan 2014
Fantastic show
Went to see this with my mum. Have already read the book and seen the film and this was just as good if not better! Would defiantly see it again!!
Helena , 25 Oct 2013
Very clever and entertaining.
This is the second time I have seen this show and it's just as good the second time around. It a very clever show with tremendous acting.
Nicola, 03 May 2013
Spine tingling
This is an amazing show that has you sitting at the edge of your seat! The actors were brilliant and I throughly enjoyed it. The show is best for teenagers upward because it is scary - even if you already know the story.
Theresa, 11 Jan 2013
Woman In Black Review
Scary story in a very small intimate theatre. For all those theatre goers this is one not to miss.
Rachel, 19 May 2012